Canned mushrooms

Canned and ready meals
Canned Leonard mushrooms

Canned Leonard mushroom with its unique taste, contains iron, copper, protein and vitamins B3, B7 and B9.

Some of the properties of this product are as follows:

Good source of iron, potassium and copper

Strengthen the immune system

Strong antioxidant

Weight Loss

Reduce high blood pressure

Bone health

Among the advantages of this product compared to similar products of other brands include the following:

Do not use preservatives and artificial colors

Higher content weight than other brands

Product compositions are as follows:

Sliced mushrooms



وزن محصول 420 گرم
مدت ماندگاری 2 سال
بازار هدف فروش سوپرمارکت، باشگاه ورزشی
محل،شهر تامین کننده ایران
نحوه نگهداری محصول در جای خشک و خنک نگهداری شود

Mushroom consumption is not suitable for the elderly, pregnant and lactating women with stomach upsets due to its slow digestion. Excessive consumption of mushrooms causes blood concentration. People with kidney problems, like all protein sources, should avoid mushrooms.

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