Where did Leonard's story begin?

The story of Leonard

?Where Did The Story Begin

Leonard imported his first product “Pineapple Compote” from Thailand to Iran and the Persian Gulf countries. Due to the impossibility of industrial production of pineapple compote in the country and the high properties of pineapple in comparison with other fruits and also the need of the Iranian people for this type of compote, this product is a strategic commodity of this company.

Selected products of Leonard

100% natural and healthy

canned pineapple

The advantages of Leonard Pineapple Compote include the taste, flavor and appropriate concentration of syrup. This compote is also produced from high quality pineapple.

tomato paste

Using the best tomatoes in South Khorasan and Fars provinces. Non-use of preservatives, artificial colors and thickeners are the features of Leonard canned tomato paste.

Canned pinto beans

No use of preservatives and artificial colors – The higher weight of the contents compared to other brands is a feature of Leonard Chiti canned beans

Canned corn

Unparalleled taste. Without the use of preservatives and artificial colors, along with the higher weight of the contents compared to other brands, is one of the advantages of this product.

Flavored drinks

Drinks with unique flavors without the use of preservatives and artificial colors. According to the taste of dear compatriots and reasonable price compared to foreign samples

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