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Briefly about Leonard

Golden Age Target is a trading company that imports and exports food products. Due to the need to choose a name appropriate to the nature of the company and the scope of its activities and the realization of international marketing goals, he chose the name “Leonard” and registered this name in 2009. The company imported its first product (Pineapple Compote) from Thailand to Iran and the Persian Gulf countries at the same time as registering the Leonard brand.

Due to the impossibility of industrial production of pineapple compote in the country and the high properties of pineapple in comparison with other fruits and also the need of the Iranian people for this type of compote, this product was selected as a strategic product of this company.

The policy of proper pricing and improving the quality of products led to the acquisition of a major market share of this product in Iran. To complete its product portfolio, Leonard imported other compotes such as aloe vera compote, mango compote, tropical fruit compote and peach compote from Thailand and Greece, diversifying its products as much as possible; This put the company’s products on the shelves of chain stores and supermarkets.

In 2014, product imports were restricted, so the company changed its policy and focused on domestic production in factories with empty production capacity; These products added 10 non-meat cans, tuna, tomato paste and a variety of beverages to Leonard’s existing product portfolio. In 2009, due to the increase in production and the appropriate quality of products, Leonard Company, by setting up a canning factory, created employment for more than 100 people.

Today, due to restrictions on imports and foreign exchange, it is not possible to import Leonard pineapple compote to Iran, but the export of this product to Asian and European countries remains strong.